Childhood Cancer Awareness Blog Entries

  1. Childhood Cancer Awareness 2021

    Childhood Cancer Awareness 2021 statistic
    Source: Coalition Against Childhood Cancer

    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2021 – a time to raise awareness of pediatric cancers and to recognize the children and families affected by childhood cancers. It’s also a time to emphasize the importance of supporting research on these devastating conditions.

    The color gold symbolizes Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2021. In fact the color was chosen to reflect how precious children are and the resilience of childhood cancer heroes. In light of this, join Mikey’s Way and turn the world gold in recognition of childhood cancer!  

    Cancer By the Numbers

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  2. Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast!

    Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast on February 18th

    If you’ve ever wanted to dish up a bowl of your favorite ice cream for breakfast rather than your usual bowl of oatmeal, February 18th is the day to do it! And while Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast is a day that gives you permission to indulge in one of life’s little pleasures for breakfast, the real goal of the day is to increase awareness about childhood cancer. 

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  3. Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer

    Raise Awareness about childhood cancer

    September is the month chosen to raise awareness for childhood cancer. According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, “By the time this month is over, another 1,300 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer. Even with the best treatments available, 1 in 5 children with cancer will not survive. And of those who do, most will have long-term side effects from their treatment.”

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  4. Childhood Cancer Awareness: 10 Facts

    Childhood Cancer Awareness

    Childhood cancer is a daily reality for thousands of children across America. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. During this month families, researchers, advocates, communities and other charities unite to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

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  5. RACE for Children Act – Raising Hope

    “RACE for Children Act” is raising hope for new therapies for pediatric cancer. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal discusses exciting trials that are occurring as a result of the RACE. According to the article, many pharmaceutical companies are already gearing up for more studies.  As a result, some pediatric trails may be as early as this year!

    Crystal Mackall, researcher and professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, told The Wall Street Journal, “We have lots of drug companies who want to speak with us suddenly. Before, we went hat in hand, cajoling.”  And, Dr. Hubert Caron of Roche Pharmaceuticals called the legislation “a game-changer.”

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  6. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

    Join Mikey’s Way Foundation as we observe National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

    National Childhood Cancer Awareness month banner

    Every year in the United States, over 15,000 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with childhood cancer. The average age at diagnosis is 6 years old. Approximately one-quarter of those diagnosed will not survive the disease.

    Childhood Cancer Awareness
    At Mikey’s Way, we see every day as an opportunity to raise awareness about childhood cancer, but September is an especially unique month because it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  read more →

  7. The everyday challenges for pediatric cancer patients.

    Portable, Wi-Fi ready electronics help overcome challenges for pediatric cancer patients.

    A childhood cancer diagnosis and the treatment regimen that follows can be profoundly stressful, affecting all aspects of a child’s life. As a result, children and teens face enormous challenges trying to cope with the rigor, uncertainty and pain associated with long and grueling treatment. The challenges for pediatric cancer patients persist for the duration of treatment – on average about three years.   read more →

  8. 5 Ways to Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

    Go Gold for National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

    Each September, families, caregivers, charities and research groups around the world “Go Gold” to put a spotlight on the types of cancer that largely affect children and to raise awareness for childhood cancer research, treatment, patient support and survivorship issues.

    The Gold Ribbon is the international awareness symbol of Childhood Cancer.  The color gold represents how precious children are and the resiliency of childhood cancer heroes.

    At Mikey’s Way Foundation, we’re going gold to rally for all children who have fought or are fighting cancer.  You can join the movement, too!   read more →