What is a Mikey’s Way Day?

A Mikey’s Way Day is when we distribute the electronics we have purchased.  It is an exciting and fun day for all involved – patients, parents and hospital personnel.  We meet with each child, tell them about Mikey and his vision for how the gifts can help them get through the long hours of treatment that lie ahead.  We then allow the child to pick the gift of their choice.

The gifts on our “Connection Cart” are engaging, interactive and internet-ready; designed to help a child find the connection and diversion they need. Some of our more popular items on the cart are laptop computers (with Skype capabilities), Apple iPod Touch (with Facetime) and Wifi-ready tablets.  

To date, we have held more than 200 Mikey’s Way Days. Each event involves an average of 25 children and costs $5,000 to $7,000 depending on the age and number of children we see that day.

View a Gallery of our Mikey’s Way Day Gift Recipients.

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