About Us

Mikey’s Way Foundation received its vision from our founder, Michael “Mikey” Friedman—a way to help connect and enrich the lives of children suffering with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

img_4235The Foundation helps children cope with the isolation, boredom and fear associated with life-threatening illnesses. It is the goal of the foundation to be able to connect every child with their friends, family and school, enabling them to cope with the long hours, days and weeks of separation that they must endure. In creating a connection, we are in turn presenting the child with a form of diversion. This diversion is a necessary element to the Mind-Body connection, or Psychoneuroimmunology. Continued studies have shown that when the mind is stimulated and engaged, the body can respond in positive ways—more tolerable nausea, lower fever, higher blood counts and a more relaxed patient. This holds great importance for our seriously ill children.

Our “Mikey’s Way Connection Cart” circles the pediatric floors of the hospitals we serve, giving away all forms of electronics that permit the child to create their own diversion and thus allow for the Mind-Body connection. Every child is allowed to choose the item that they feel will work best for them.

Since our inception in late 2005, the foundation has been able to reach over 9,000 seriously ill children.

The children need to (in a word) ESCAPE…Mikey’s Way