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  1. Child Life Month and Social Work Month

    Child Life Month and Social Work Month

    As March arrives with the promise of warmer days and hope for the end of winter, it’s the ideal month to honor some very special healthcare professionals.  March is both Child Life Month and Social Work Month, a time to recognize the amazing contributions these two professions make to the pediatric healthcare environment. Their presence and the programs they provide are essential during a child’s medical journey.

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  2. Share a little love on Valentine’s Day

    Share a little love on Valentine’s Day
    Photo by Element5Digital on Unsplash 

    Heart shaped boxes of chocolates, fancy dinners, red roses, and greeting cards are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. And while the holiday certainly revolves around these for many of us, it can be a tough time to be alone in the hospital, especially for kids. That’s why it’s so important to share a little love on Valentine’s Day with a pediatric cancer patient.

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  3. Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

    Chemotherapy and hair loss
    Photo from NCI Bill Branson photographer

    If your child has cancer and is about to begin chemotherapy, they may very likely experience hair lose.  Unfortunately, chemotherapy and hair loss tend to go hand and hand. And for a lot of kids, especially teen agers, hair loss can be one of the most difficult and devastating side effects of treatment.

    Losing hair takes away cancer anonymity. It’s like an emoji to the world that a person has cancer. And while some kids are able to take it in stride, it can be pretty distressing for others. Especially if a child isn’t comfortable sharing the news.

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  4. COVID-19, Kids With Cancer and School?

    Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

    Having a child with cancer is tough enough, but during a pandemic it’s even tougher. And as the pandemic lingers, the question is – should kids with cancer attend school in-person during COVID-19?

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  5. This #GivingTuesday Give Like Mikey

    #GivingTuesday Give Like Mikey: "The best gift that you can get is to give a gift to another person.

    As children across the country dream about holiday gifts and holiday parties, our hearts go out to all the pediatric cancer patients whose holiday will be spent wishing they could feel better. Some are so sick they have to spend their holidays in a hospital room.

    And while most children await the gift-giving season with excited anticipation, when your family is burdened with medical bills, gifts become a luxury that are difficult to afford. That’s why our Mikey’s Wish List and Mikey’s Way Day programs are especially important during this time of year.

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  6. Mikey’s Way Wish List Kids

    Beyond a Mikey’s Way Day – the Mikey’s Way Wish List 

    Each year, the wheels of our Mikey’s Way Day  “Connection Cart” roll across numerous pediatric oncology/hematology floors throughout the country. It is at this time, during a Mikey’s Way Day that every patient in every room on the pediatric oncology/hematology floor has the opportunity to select an electronic. But, not every pediatric oncology patient is in the hospital the day of a Mikey’s Way Day. That’s why we have the Mikey’s Way Wish List.

    The Mikey’s Way Wish List

    If for some reason we miss a child on the day of our visit, a Child Life Specialist from the hospital can fill out the Wish List form and send it along to us. Once we receive the form, we package the child’s special gift and ship it directly to him or her.

    Meet a Few of Our Wish List Kids

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