RACE for Children Act – Raising Hope

“RACE for Children Act” is raising hope for new therapies for pediatric cancer. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal discusses exciting trials that are occurring as a result of the RACE. According to the article, many pharmaceutical companies are already gearing up for more studies.  As a result, some pediatric trails may be as early as this year!

Crystal Mackall, researcher and professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, told The Wall Street Journal, “We have lots of drug companies who want to speak with us suddenly. Before, we went hat in hand, cajoling.”  And, Dr. Hubert Caron of Roche Pharmaceuticals called the legislation “a game-changer.”

The RACE for Children Act became law in August of 2017.  The Act requires companies developing cancer drugs for adults to also study them for children if the molecular targets of the drugs are relevant to pediatric cancer patients. This Act came after years of advocacy by Nancy Goodman, who lost a child from brain cancer. She founded Kids v Cancer, a nonprofit, to promote pediatric cancer research.

Read the full The Wall Street Journal article for more details on the RACE for Children Act and some of the clinical trials that are happening as a result of the Act. And visit Mikey’s Way 2017 blog post announcing when RACE for Children Act became law!