Childhood Cancer Awareness 2021

Childhood Cancer Awareness 2021 statistic
Source: Coalition Against Childhood Cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2021 – a time to raise awareness of pediatric cancers and to recognize the children and families affected by childhood cancers. It’s also a time to emphasize the importance of supporting research on these devastating conditions.

The color gold symbolizes Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2021. In fact the color was chosen to reflect how precious children are and the resilience of childhood cancer heroes. In light of this, join Mikey’s Way and turn the world gold in recognition of childhood cancer!  

Cancer By the Numbers

  • 1 Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease among children. 1,730 children and adolescents will die from cancer in 2021.
  • 47 Forty-seven children per day are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in the USA.
  • 4.08% From 2008 – 2018, the NCI spent an average of 4.08% of its research funding on childhood cancer research.
  • $833,000 The average cost for a childhood cancer patient’s medical fees and lost parental wages is $833,000. (data from 2018.)
  • 15 Childhood cancer survivors are at a 15-fold risk of developing Congestive Heart Failure.
  • 6 Today we have only six drugs approved in the first instance for use in cancer treatment for children.
  • 40% One in Four Families lose more than 40% of their annual household income as a result of childhood cancer treatment-related work disruption.
  • 95% Ninety-five percent of childhood cancer survivors will have significant health related issues by the time they are 45 years of age.
  • 396,670. Each year worldwide, there are 396,670 new cases of childhood cancer.

Source: Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2)

Six Ways You Can Help Children with Cancer this Month

Join Mikey’s Way and the childhood cancer community to raise awareness about childhood cancer. In fact, we have 6 ways you can help children with cancer this month!

  • Show your support by contacting your legislators about issues affecting children with cancer.  With this in mind, visit the American Childhood Cancer Organization’s advocacy page to find out what the current issues are.
  • Attend CureFestThis year, CureFest will take place as a hybrid event, offering both in-person (Washington, D.C.) and virtual experiences. Visit CureFest for more details on how you can become involved.
  • Make a donation and help kids cope with cancer by making a donation to Mikey’s Way Foundation.
  • Follow Mikey’s Way: Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.
  • Demonstrate your support join the gold movement by wearing a gold ribbon. Ever wonder why gold is the color which symbolizes Childhood Cancer Awareness month? In 1997, a group of parents selected gold as the official color because it symbolizes how resilient and precious children are.
  • Mikey and our other childhood cancer heroes are inspiring!  In order to learn more about Mikey, visit our website. You can also meet some of our childhood cancer heroes by reading our blog.