Mikey’s Way Foundation reaffirms that today’s technology can help kids cope

Mikey’s Way Foundation reaffirms that today’s technology can help kids cope with the strain of cancer treatment

Laptop computers, tablets and other Wi-Fi ready electronics have provided vital diversion and connection for more than 8,000 pediatric cancer patients since 2005.

Patient with the laptop gifted to her on a recent Mikey’s Way Day

Today, on the eve of the 15th anniversary of its founding, Mikey’s Way Foundation is reaffirming its commitment to help kids cope with cancer using today’s technology. The challenges pediatric cancer patients face often lead to stress, depression and anxiety. Research in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology (mind/body connection) shows that stress and depression affect the body’s immune response to cancer and infections.

Mikey’s Way Foundation gives technology tools such as laptop computers, tablets, and other Wi-Fi ready electronics designed to help pediatric patients cope with the physical and emotional strain of long-term treatment. The gifts provide diversion, mental support and connection to friends, family and school during prolonged periods of isolation.

“The mind/body connection between emotional wellness and physical well-being is important for all cancer patients but is more pronounced in young people,” says Dr. Abraham Bartell, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. “The pediatric population has the added complexity that results from the insult to their ‘normal development’ during their cancer experience. Electronic devices can help children and teens reconnect to ‘their world’ and introduce a measure of normalcy and a corrective developmental experience.”

“Having gifted more than 8,000 electronics since our founding, it is apparent now more than ever, that Wi-Fi ready devices such as laptop computers, tablets and gaming systems have become vital tools for children in treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses,” says Les Friedman, CEO of Mikey’s Way Foundation. “As an organization, Mikey’s Way is reaffirming our commitment to helping kids cope just as Mikey envisioned nearly 15 years ago, keeping kids connected with friends and family during their treatment.”

Mikey’s Way Foundation was founded by Michael “Mikey” Friedman, who was diagnosed at 15 with a rare form of cancer. The Foundation gives laptop computers, tablets, and other Wi-Fi ready electronics to children affected by the emotional and physical hardships of long-term debilitating treatment. They distribute these electronic gifts via their Mikey’s Way Day and Mikey’s Wish List programs to children all over the country. The gifts provide diversion and connection with family and friends, helping kids to cope with cancer…Mikey’s Way.

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