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  1. The Benefit Of A Mikey’s Way Gift

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    Thoughts From a Child Life Specialist

    Mikey's Way CartAs the child life specialist for the past 4 years in outpatient oncology, bone marrow transplant and hematology, I have worked with children who clearly benefit from the generosity of Mikey’s Way.  Mikey’s Way has helped kids keep up with school work by providing a laptop, has helped kids isolated because of treatment connect with their friends socially and virtually while hospitalized.  I have witnessed kids swept up by videos and imagine going to far away places they’d like to visit once treatment is over.  Children have used these electronics to play games to help distract them through procedures, to watch streaming movies, to write their journals.  read more →

  2. Laptop Helps Noah Stay Connected

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    Noah with his laptop

    Noah LOVES his laptop!

    Noah selected a laptop as his Wish List gift.  Here’s what he shared with his mom about his gift:

    “Noah said that he was excited to be able to stay connected to his friends at school with Google Hangout. He also figured out how to play Fortnight, a popular game that he plays with his friends.” Noah’s Mom

    Click here to learn more about Mikey’s Way and the kids we help.