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  1. Coping With Cancer Emotionally

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    Coping With a Cancer Diagnosis

    Coping with emotions when you or a loved one has cancer can be difficult. Every person’s situation and needs are different which makes the emotional challenges and the cancer journey an individual one. However, identifying and addressing feelings and emotions can help lower stress which in turn can foster improved mental and physical health. read more →

  2. Meet Talia: Paying it Forward Mikey’s Way

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    Talia is committed to helping other children

    Talia’s inspiration to “pay it forward” stems from her own story, which began in 2014 when she was just 11. A happy young girl with a passion for travel, Talia especially loved visiting with cousins and her Grandparents in Florida. She worked hard in school but also found time for Girl Scouts and field hockey. Her most favorite thing in all the world was going to sleep-away camp which was only a few short months away. But in the spring her life changed. Talia learned that she had a brain tumor. read more →