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  1. Talking With Your Child About Cancer

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    By Les Friedman, CEO and Mikey’s dad

    Photo by National Cancer Institute

    “Your child has cancer.”  These words are probably the most frightening words a parent will ever hear. And amidst our own fears, is the equally daunting thought of talking with your child about cancer.

    Talking with your child about cancer: why they need to know

    It’s only natural to want to protect our children from the cancer and the fear that comes along with it. For this reason, it may be tempting to consider holding off talking with your child about cancer or even not telling him at all. But not telling the truth will only lead to problems later.

    Kids usually know when something is wrong. They may not be feeling well or may wonder why they have so many medical visits.  In fact, some children will create their own idea as to what they think is wrong.  Not knowing what is wrong or what to expect may cause your child even more anxiety, stress, and fear.  For this reason, being honest tends to lessen a child’s stress, guilt, and confusion.

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