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  1. Just Goggle It – the internet is it friend or foe?

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    The internet – our best friend or worst enemy?

    by Les Friedman, Mikey’s dad

    “Just Google it!” It’s part of our everyday language but the truth is, the internet can be our best friend or our worst enemy particularly when it comes to medical information.

    Pediatric cancer is like a finger print – every cancer is different and every child reacts differently to treatment. What you read on the internet may be totally wrong for your child’s situation. read more →

  2. You Just Have To Be Uplifting

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    In the Depths of Human Circumstances

    Michael wrote this piece when he was initially refused entry into the National Honor Society. He was told his grades were certainly good enough, but he lacked the necessary community service needed to be accepted. In true Mikey fashion he fought for what he believed in.


    Is the value of community service measured in time or in effect? Is leadership the governing of people during an event or helping those in need, inspiring them to follow your lead? Through my experiences, I have concluded that for both questions, the answer is the latter. I may be unable to fill out the sheets of community service and of leadership positions I’ve held in high school. But I am at no loss of inspiring others to follow my lead and providing an invaluable service to the community. read more →