Childhood Cancer Awareness: 10 Facts

Childhood Cancer Awareness

Childhood cancer is a daily reality for thousands of children across America. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. During this month families, researchers, advocates, communities and other charities unite to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

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CT Scan vs MRI Scan – What’s the Difference?

CT Scan vs MRI Scan

CT scan vs MRI scan – both are diagnostic medical tests that, like traditional X-rays, produce multiple images or pictures of the inside of your child’s body. Radiologists use the images generated from these scans to detect, diagnosis, or monitor your child’s health during and after treatment. So, what’s the differences between a CT (computerized tomography) scan and an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)?

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Ways to Manage Mouth Sores

Soft foods like soup and oatmeal which are served lukewarm are easy to eat and swallow.

Mouth sores. These painful little cuts or ulcers in the mouth can certainly make life miserable. In fact, eating, drinking and even speaking can become very difficult. While there currently isn’t any guaranteed way to prevent them, the good news is there are ways to reduce your child’s risk of getting them. In addition, there are ways to control and manage mouth sores if your child does in fact have them.

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The Power of a Wish List Gift

The power of a Wish List gift and the magic that happens when the package arrives reaches far beyond any words which could accurately articulate the transformation that occurs. Smiles immediately replace frowns, enthusiasm quickly replaces sadness, and tough days all of a sudden seem a little brighter.

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Bust Pediatric Cancer Patients’ Boredom

By Les Friedman, Mikey’s dad
Boredom is part of pediatric cancer patient treatment

Boredom – of all the side effects related to pediatric cancer patients’ treatment, boredom is probably not high on the worry list. But for kids, boredom and loneliness can significantly add to the struggles they face every day trying to cope with their treatment. To them, hospitals can feel like a whole lot of waiting around. And on days when they are feeling a little better, the boredom can be excruciating.

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Life Exists Outside of Cancer

Mikey’s Nuggets of Wisdom

Life Exists Outside of Cancer - Mikey's Way Day

“There is a pressing importance to remind pediatric cancer patients that life exists outside of cancer.” Mikey’s journal entries contain hundreds of nuggets of wisdom like this.

Mikey’s insight was reflected in the way that he lived and the words that he wrote. Crafted with the skill of a master many years beyond his age, Mikey’s expressive writings offer both a philosophical perspective and a unique glimpse into the world of a pediatric cancer patient.

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Your Child has Cancer – Accept Help

Fifty Ways People Can Help

by Les Friedman, Mikey’s dad

When your child has cancer, his life is turned upside down and your entire family is catapulted into a new world.  What was once manageable becomes challenging. Mowing the lawn, getting dinner on the table, changing oil in your car or walking the dog – there’s just not a lot of time for these things. Accepting help from other’s is difficult for many of us. But when your child has cancer, it is time to accept help wherever you can.

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RACE for Children Act – Raising Hope

“RACE for Children Act” is raising hope for new therapies for pediatric cancer. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal discusses exciting trials that are occurring as a result of the RACE. According to the article, many pharmaceutical companies are already gearing up for more studies.  As a result, some pediatric trails may be as early as this year!

Crystal Mackall, researcher and professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, told The Wall Street Journal, “We have lots of drug companies who want to speak with us suddenly. Before, we went hat in hand, cajoling.”  And, Dr. Hubert Caron of Roche Pharmaceuticals called the legislation “a game-changer.”

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Mikey’s Way Wish List Kids

Beyond a Mikey’s Way Day – the Mikey’s Way Wish List 

Each year, the wheels of our Mikey’s Way Day  “Connection Cart” roll across numerous pediatric oncology/hematology floors throughout the country. It is at this time, during a Mikey’s Way Day that every patient in every room on the pediatric oncology/hematology floor has the opportunity to select an electronic. But, not every pediatric oncology patient is in the hospital the day of a Mikey’s Way Day. That’s why we have the Mikey’s Way Wish List.

The Mikey’s Way Wish List

If for some reason we miss a child on the day of our visit, a Child Life Specialist from the hospital can fill out the Wish List form and send it along to us. Once we receive the form, we package the child’s special gift and ship it directly to him or her.

Meet a Few of Our Wish List Kids

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One Wish to Help Kids Cope With Cancer

Mikey Friedman's One Wish helps kids cope with cancerIt Began With One Wish

Mikey’s Way Foundation was founded with one wish. One wish ignited by a selfless, compassionate desire to help kids cope with cancer. Mikey chose to use his own Make-A-Wish for the purpose of helping others.  His desire to help others is indeed a testament to the very person that he was.  read more →