Laptops Help Kids During Treatment

Laptops help kids with connection
Laptops help kids, like Wish List recipient Matt, connect to their world during treatment.

Laptops Are Able To Help Kids Cope With Isolation During Treatment

When a child has cancer, one of the challenges he or she faces is isolation from friends and classmates. While it’s often possible to keep up with schoolwork, it’s not so easy to maintain the social and group interactions experienced at school. But, laptops can help kids connect with their friends and classmates during treatment.

Laptop computers are highly portable which is particularly wonderful for kids who are in treatment. Because of their portability and their ability to provide connection, laptops give kids the opportunity to connect with their friends, family and classmates right from their hospital beds. They can take their laptop to clinic during treatment, to doctor appointments, or when they go for testing. The power of connection provides children with the ability to step back into their normal world when it’s otherwise out of reach. Laptops have the wonderful ability to help kids cope with the feeling of isolation during treatment.

Meet Matthew – Who Uses His Laptop To Connect With Friends And Family

Matt is an outgoing, funny and kind eleven-year-old. He loves swimming, riding his scooter, playing video games, and building with Legos. There isn’t a superhero he doesn’t like, but Batman is his very favorite. He has a passion for all kinds of transportation (especially trains and planes) and he loves modern architecture. Matt is also battling cancer.

Just before his 3rd birthday, Matt was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. He has been battling cancer for over 8 years now and doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t in and out of hospitals and clinics for tests and treatment. But according to his mom, he’s still the friendly, humorous and compassionate child that he’s always been.  “I couldn’t be prouder of the way he handles life and it’s many challenges.” she said.

Over the past two years, Matt has been traveling to New York for treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center which requires a lot of time away from his friends and family. Over 1,000 miles from home and an airplane away from friends and family Matt – like so many kids going through treatment – felt isolated from his world. “Getting a laptop from Mikey’s Way was a very exciting day.” Matt’s mom said, “It gives him a chance to Skype, do homework and play video games with friends and family.”

Mikey’s Vision Continues to Help Kids Cope During Treatment

Mikey’s vision, to help kids with cancer by reuniting them with friends and family through the connection of an electronic, continues to help kids across the country just like Matt! Mikey would be so pleased to know that a Mikey’s Way laptop gave Matt a connection back to his world.

Laptops help kids cope with cancer during treatment… Mikey’s Way!