Hope In The Darkness – A Father’s Perspective

Excerpt from a father’s journal.


Here is an excerpt from Nate Beach’s journal entry in CaringBridge about his daughter, Ella.  It is one of many examples of Mikey’s vision coming to fruition.

Today we got a visit from a charity called Mikey’s Way.  This foundation was started by a very special boy who had cancer.  When the Make-A-Wish Foundation became involved in his case they asked where in the world he would like to go, which celebrity would he like to meet, what life altering event would he like to be a part of.His answer was incredible instead of doing any of those things he asked that a charitable foundation be made to buy children with cancer electronic devices to help them cope and distract them from the everyday difficulties of having cancer treatment. Today we met his father, who carries on his son’s wish by rolling a cart of electronic devices from laptops, tablets, game consoles, and iPods to each room on this floor with the simple request that each child pick something off the cart to keep. Through tear filled eyes, Mary and I were amazed to watch our shy and reserved little girl detach herself from her mom’s legs to give this gentleman a hug. It was truly a moment we will never forget and is difficult to even write about it.