The Power of a Wish List Gift

The power of a Wish List gift and the magic that happens when the package arrives reaches far beyond any words which could accurately articulate the transformation that occurs. Smiles immediately replace frowns, enthusiasm quickly replaces sadness, and tough days all of a sudden seem a little brighter.

Children Find Relief In A Mikey’s Way Wish List Electronic Gift

Children emotionally and physically exhausted from treatment quickly find relief when they open their gifts. These transforming gifts work incredibly well for a number of reasons. They empower children by giving them an opportunity to choose a gift they feel will help them. This comes at a time when they have very little opportunity to make decisions of their own. The electronics offer kids the ability to reconnect with classmates, family and friends. They offer a platform in which to complete homework. The electronic games provide distraction to help chase away the fear and the boredom. And music players help to lull away the scary times. The power of a Wish List gift not only provides instant relief but it also provides long lasting sustainable experiences!

Mikey’s Way gifts immediately transport patients beyond the walls of the hospital, the clinic, or their sick bed at home. The stories their families share with us illustrate just how impact-full these special gifts are. They speak of the diversion and connection that the electronics provide. They tell us that these gifts are a pathway to relief for those who have had to endure so very much. They share that for a while, their sick children can just be children again.

Meet Wish List Recipient Miles

Three year old Miles was having a really tough time as he neared the end of radiation. His treatment regimen had been long and grueling. All that he had endured had taken a toll on his little body. While viewing shows on his parents’ phones helped provide some distraction, Miles needed something of his very own. He needed something that he could use all by himself, something with all his favorite shows and apps. A tablet seemed like the perfect solution!

As soon we received Miles’ Wish List request from his Child Life Specialist, we shipped the tablet and emailed his Mom with the shipping details. “Miles will be very excited to have his very own tablet.” Mom wrote, “And Mom and Dad are glad to have their phones back. Miles is only 3 but his shows are his escape from all that he is enduring.”

Here’s Miles Before He Received His Mikey’s Way Gift

Miles’ Mom wrote us this note, “Miles is almost at the end of radiation treatment, he has 2 days left. The last couple of weeks have been really tough on him. He’s been very upset lately. Lots of tantrums and frustration on his part. This is what our day looked like today. He was having a fit and upset about everything and nothing.”

Power of a Wish List gift - Child before he receives Mikey's Way gift.

“We decided to give him his special Mikey’s Way gift today and see if that might change his mood. I let him know that a very special boy who had cancer too sent him a very special gift to help him get though these tough days. I told him this was something just for him, not Mommy, Daddy or his sister Linnea, but for him.”

Here’s What Happened After Miles Received His Gift
Power of a Wish List gift  - Child after he receiving his Mikey's Way electronic gift

“His mood immediately changed and he started using it right away! (We had charged it ahead of time and put his favorite apps on it so he could start using it right away when we gave it to him.)” reported Miles’ mom.

“We can’t thank you enough. This made a bad day, good and we know for sure this will be used daily.”

Mikey Friedman, that “very special boy” Miles’ Mom spoke of, would be so pleased!