Planting a Seed of Hope for Pediatric Cancer Patients

“Every choice we make is a seed”

Mikey’s words (at 16 years of age), his spirit and his attitude inspire us every day as we carry out the work that he began during his brief lifetime.  In his own words, he eloquently and profoundly captured what would ultimately reflect his legacy:

“The choices we make dictate the lives we lead” (author unknown).  We might wish and hope that the world will prosper and grow to be a better place, but if our choices fail to reflect this ambition, our intentions will be rendered irrelevant.  Every choice we make is a seed.  A consequence sprouts from each of these seeds.  Ultimately, the consequence stands as the only indicator that a choice was ever made.  As thunder trails lightening, consequence is the great betrayer of choice.  For this reason, our intentions can only manifest themselves through the consequences of the choices we make.  Mikey Friedman

The ripple effect and the intensity of the “choice” Mikey made to help children facing the emotional and physical hardships of long-term debilitating treatment resonates through all those touched by the very person that he was.


Mikey’s Way Foundation surprised me yesterday, and many other patients in the Children’s Hospital, with new electronics. Mikey had cancer and his Make-a-Wish was to go on a shopping spree – but NOT for himself. He bought awesome electronics and gave them away to other patients. Unfortunately, Mikey passed away but now his parents live on his dream, they pushed their electronics cart through Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital. I loved the huge smiling faces as my peers received their gift. It sucks to be in a hospital, but not so much after Mikey’s Way!… What an act of selflessness. It’s so important to give forward!” Posted on Facebook after a Mikey’s Way Day

Child Life Specialists

I wanted to reach out to you and your team to once again thank you for the amazing work you do for our kids. The excitement and shock you get to witness as a child picks a gift can never convey to you the true effect you have left on these children. The afternoon was spent with giggles and pride as they showed off their new belongings to one another – items they would probably never of had the opportunity to own. The kids in the playroom proudly told our volunteer group of Mikey and his selfless choice to use his wish to bring smiles to others. They started talking about using their upcoming wishes to help others and those who already had their wishes brainstormed ways they could still help kids in the hospital. You have set a spark in them that we hope continues to burn and they can brighten other kids’ lives like Mikey has for them.  You are an amazing team and an amazing family and we are so thankful you have allowed CHAM to once again be part of something so wonderful. Katie Adelhardt at Montefiore

Your wonderful and exciting gifts helped to bring magic to an otherwise ordinary hospital day.  You provided choices where children’s ability to choose is so limited.  You gave distraction in the face of traumatic events and you made memories that will no doubt last a lifetime.  Your spirit for giving rubs off and I know that from each of your visits you are setting the example for a future filled with giving people.  Mikey’s giving heart lives on in each and every act of giving that each child will do based on this example.  You have created an army of Mikey’s Way Givers of the future!  Stacey Schneider at NYU Langone


My daughter, Mary Grace, is 11 years old.  She received a gift from a week long stay at Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo during a very difficult time in her life.  She received a DS game player.  She has never forgot that gift.  It moved her, her sister and I to tears.  It had been such a stressful stay and your gift gave us all respite and diversion.  She wants to continue to “pay it forward.”  God bless your work! Theresa  (Mary’s mom)