Parent to Parent Blog Entries

  1. What I’d Tell A Parent Whose Child Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer.

    Your role is to be your child’s voice.

    by Les Friedman, Mikey’s Dad

    When your child is diagnosed with cancer, you have to be his/her advocate. As a parent, your insight and intimate knowledge of your child are what make you the best possible advocate for him/her. Your role is to be your child’s voice.

    There’s a certain number of children on the floor when your child’s in the hospital. Every child has needs and it’s not always easy to get what your child needs when your child needs it. I learned quickly that being a “squeaky wheel” is what got results. I asked, I nagged, I pushed –  I did whatever it took to get what Mikey needed when he needed it. read more →

  2. What I Learned From My Child’s Battle With Cancer

    When your child’s life is on the line everything else pales in comparison.

    by Les Friedman, Mikey’s Dad

    When Mikey was diagnosed with cancer, our world as we knew it stopped. Life became doctor appointments, the side effects of chemo, and the ever-looming possibility of an unexpected hospital admission. Meanwhile, regular life also marched on and what we considered normal became something else entirely.

    I learned a lot of lessons from fathering through Mikey’s cancer. What’s important and what is not became crystal clear to me and most significantly I learned to live one day at a time. read more →