Our Mission

Our Mission at Mikey’s Way Foundation is to enrich the lives of children suffering from cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

The Foundation strives to create CONNECTION and DIVERSION to help children face the emotional and physical hardships of long term, debilitating treatment.  We accomplish this with the use of today’s technology – laptop computers, tablets, iPod Touch and other Wi-Fi ready electronics.  We distribute these electronic gifts using both our Mikey’s Way Day and Mikey’s Wish List Programs.

The gifts we distribute are uniquely suited to serve the pediatric patient undergoing long-term treatment.  They are adaptable, empowering and durable, designed to last from the first day of diagnosis to the completion of treatment.

Mikey’s Way Foundation has helped over 6,000 children get connected since 2005. 

Please go to “Mikey’s Way in Action” to see a variety of smiling faces.


“Every time I give a child a gift, It’s like my wish comes true all over again.”

~Mikey Friedman